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OnePlus 10 Pro (512GB+12GB RAM, White)

Chipset : Qualcomm’s new generation Snapdragon® 8 5G

Display :6.7 inches ,QHD+, 3D flexible curved AMOLED, LTPO 2.0

Main Camera :

Wide-angle camera: 48 million pixels, IMX789, 1/1.43″, 1.12μm, 7P, aperture: f/1.8, OIS, equivalent focal length: 23mm

Ultra-wide-angle camera: 50MP, JN1, 1/2.76″, 0.64μm, 6P, f/2.2, 150° super wide-angle

Telephoto Camera: 8MP, 5P, f/2.4, OIS, 77mm equivalent (3.3x)

Front Camera : 32MP, IMX615, Aperture: f/2.4

Battery :2 x 2500mAh equivalent to 5000mAh


Recognition and texture,
Design new highlights,
focus wherever you go
Integrated metal middle frame, integrated with 3D nanocrystalline ceramics. The unforgettable design, the exquisiteness of the whole body, from the moment you meet to get started, you can’t put it down.
Watch-grade 3D Nanocrystalline Ceramic Lens Cover 1
Withstand the test of sparks and the
critical eye.
Continuous high temperature sintering for 96 hours
Moh’s hardness
60+ hoursDiamond triple polishing
30% above Wear resistance compared to stainless steel
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all things green
Blingbling… A new generation of astral glass came to report. Make you like it, but don’t provoke fingerprints.
black out
The third generation of silk glass, once again silky debut. No fingerprints, just what you like.
Give back to your unchanging love for ten generations with
the light and thin feel of 101.

The arc that fits the palm of the hand, and the weight is just right, it
is still a OnePlus feel that you can understand when you get started.
*The authorization of the game screen in the picture comes from the mobile game “Peace Elite”
Flagship configuration
Elegant and powerful,
as it should be.
The new generation of Snapdragon® 8 5G mobile platform
+ LPDDR5 + UFS3.1 ultra-fast storage,
daily sliding or game team battles, are fast and smooth2 .
Double coil design, charge the battery while lying down.
Flash charge long battery life
5000mAh large battery,
enough power.
Flash charging cable 80W + 50W flash charge wireless,
wired back to the blood 32 minutes, 47 minutes to get wireless 3 .
Fast charging, long battery life, accompany you to go out with confidence, and support you to go home with peace of mind.
performance grinding
Take the smooth and stable as the standard, and
take the pleasant experience as the standard .
Continuous polishing and optimization have resulted in the OnePlus
10 Pro with better heat dissipation, more stable frame rate and lower power consumption.
Large heat dissipation area
A-level fluency 5
36 Month Fluency Certification
* OnePlus 10 Pro is the first in the world to pass the
TÜV 36-month A-level smooth certification
HyperBoost full-link game frame stabilization technology, secure victory.
The frame rate is stable, the control is cool, and the startup is fast. HyperBoost has a series of highlights to help you make a good show. Come and show your saucy operation.

Learn more about HyperBoost
170+ vibration adjustment, daily typing is stronger, crisper and richer, always ready to attack.
Super linear dual stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos, more immersive gaming.
14 % increase in volume
47 % Vibration increase
100 % Sensitivity boost
50 % Response time improvement
Super powerful X-axis vibration motor 7 , and then
add more strength to the game.
O-Sync overclocking response
every frame is one step ahead.
O-Sync overclocked response speeds up both clicks and swipes as you game. And compared to the previous generation, not only can become effective at low screen brightness of the scene, also supports more money 60 & 90Hz game 6 .
Two major mobile
e-sports events,
designated machines.
OnePlus 10 Pro has become the designated machine for
Peace Elite professional league events and the designated machine for
League of Legends mobile game professional league events.
What you love is what we want to give you.
main camera
telephoto lens
8 million pixels , OIS
Ultra wide angle lens
50 million pixels , 150°
From instant hits to deep integration.
The second generation of OnePlus | Hasselblad mobile phone imaging system, another in-depth interpretation of image aesthetics and mobile phone photography. The new generation of flagship triple camera 8 , customized IMX789 sensor, one billion colors optimization, the photography ability has been improved again. Let everyone take photos with a sense of photography.
Hasselblad Natural Color Optimizer 2.0
is a good color that you can’t get tired of seeing.
New self-developed accurate color compiler, 500+ scene color debugging. It not only brings you Hasselblad’s professional color optimization, but also achieves a subtle atmosphere transmission. The main camera, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto can easily capture natural and beautiful colors.
500 +
Scene color optimization
Full link 1 billion colors9
Shooting, saving and viewing are all 1 billion colors

Check out Shot on OnePlus
master tone
Let the photos, style up.
Specially invited three Hasselblad masters to carefully debug the three tone styles of fairy tale, portrait and scenery for you, so that your photos are unique in texture and full of charm.

Learn about the master tone
150° super wide angle 10
Compared with other ultra-wide-angle,
this is called ultra-wide-wide-wide-angle.
It captures up to 4 times more picture than 120°, and
is the largest ultra-wide angle of a OnePlus phone to date.
Great scene, captured in one shot.
fisheye mode
Oh my god, I’m a fan of
emoji-making machine
The round fisheye perspective is interesting and deformed. The group photo is funny, Zhang Zhang is a fan.
Quickly bring your cute pet, pull your friends, and come for one.
Shoot at night,
don’t be afraid of being late.
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